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 Anger Management Group for Men, Women and Teens

  • Private and Group Options

Parenting Classes

  • Children Classes
  • Teen Classes
  • Private and Group Class Options


Emotional Eaters Support Group

  • Group Facilitator

Threads of Life: Senior Citizen Therapy Support Group

  • Founder & Group Facilitator


Restorative Justice Program for Teens

  • Violence Prevention Class Facilitator
  • Drug & Alcohol Prevention Class Facilitator 
  • Property Offense Prevention Class Facilitator


Anti-Bully and Gang Prevention Program for Middle Schools

  • Group Facilitator

Classroom Interventions & Teacher Brown Bags

Elementary School Village Counseling Program

  • Counselor & Team Leader of six counselors



                                           Kathy Krueger, M.A. LMFT

                                                                                                              Opera House
1059 El Monte Avenue, Suite B                                        902 N. Central Avenue, Suite 308
Mountain View, CA 94040                                                                   Tracy, CA 95376
                                                     (408) 241-0373
                                          P.O. Box 327, Tracy, CA 95378-0327

                                                      LMFT #47823 
                                            Certified EMDR Therapist
                                        EMDRIA Approved Consultant

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