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Anger Management

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    This 13 week Anger Management Program includes a workbook.  Both voluntary and mandated participants are welcome.  Hands on exercises are given to practice in session and at home. 

    Anger is a natural human response.  It is normal to feel anger.  What we do with our anger, however, can sometimes cause us problems.  Often people's anger shows itself with angry outbursts and/or internal anger-stuffing.

    Anger management classes are designed to help people deal with anger in a positive way.  Tools are provided to release tension.

    The forum provides a safe environment and support system for meaningful and productive discussions.  There is no judgment, only guidance on new and better ways to cope with stress.

                                                 Kathy Krueger, M.A. LMFT

                                                                                                                    Opera House
      1059 El Monte Avenue, Suite B                                        902 N. Central Avenue, Suite 308
      Mountain View, CA 94040                                                                   Tracy, CA 95376
                                                           (408) 241-0373
                                                P.O. Box 327, Tracy, CA 95378-0327

                                                            LMFT #47823 
                                                   Certified EMDR Therapist
                                               EMDRIA Approved Consultant 

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